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  • 2-Fluorobenzonitrile
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        Product name:2-Chlorobenzonitrile

        Alias:OCBN; o-chlorobenzonitrile

        CAS number:873-32-5

        Molecular formula:C7H4ClN

        Molecular weight:137.5664    

        Physical data

        1. Property: Needle-like crystal

        2. Density (g/mL, 25/4℃): 1.18 g/cm3

        3. Melting point (ºC): 43-46℃

        4. Boiling point (ºC, normal pressure): 232℃

        5. Flash point (ºC): 108℃

        6. Solubility: soluble in ether and ethanol.    

        Storage method

        Keep container sealed and store in a cool, dry place    

        resolve resolution

        Obtained from the reaction of o-chlorobenzoic acid and urea: Mix o-chlorobenzoic acid, sulfamic acid and urea and heat to about 140℃ to melt, react vigorously with stirring and release a large amount of gas, the temperature will automatically rise to 220-230℃ , Reaction 2h. Then cool to below 15 ℃, filter, the resulting solids were washed with 3% ammonia and water until neutral, and then dried to obtain the finished product.   

        Main uses

        Organic synthesis intermediate. It is mainly used to synthesize dye intermediate 2-cyano-4-nitroaniline, and the pharmaceutical industry is used to synthesize new antimalarial drug nitroquine.

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